What is the Last Product You Wanted to Love But Didn’t?

Milani Soulmate Amore Shine Metallic Red Lipstick

Question of the Week: Name the last product you REALLY wanted to love, but didn’t.

Yesterday I went to Mama Shelter, a popular rooftop bar in Hollywood, to celebrate my friend Katie’s birthday. I wanted to glam it up a little bit, and I had just received a sample of Milani Amore Matte Metallic Lip Creme in “My Soulmate”, so this seemed like a good time to do a wear test. First of all let me say, the color is BEAUTIFUL and I’m not sure this photo does it justice. I got tons of compliments on it, from my friends, and especially from Gregg, who kept telling me how much he loved it!

I wanted to love it too, but unfortunately, it would NOT stay in the center of my lips. It immediately started to flake off on the car ride over to the bar. I added some more, and noticed it looked jagged and flaky, so I just went with it. Then of course, once I started eating and drinking, it REALLY came off, and unfortunately I had to put a creamier lipstick on top of it to cover everything. I was really disappointed because I love Milani, the price is right (about $9) and this color was SO good!

I didn’t have any issues with the regular Milani Amore Shine lipsticks, so I think it’s either just the metallics, or just that particular shade that doesn’t work for me. You can see some of my cruelty free Milani lipstick swatches here.

I’m curious if any of you have tried this formula, and if it worked for you? What other products have you tried lately that you really wanted to love, but didn’t?

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