Did I Just Find a Beauty Blender Dupe?

Is this a beauty blender dupe

Is This Amazon Makeup Sponge a Beauty Blender Dupe?

I have long ago given up on using my fingers to apply foundation or blend concealer. I have tried many different types of brushes, and some work well for small areas, but I still haven’t found anything to rival the Beauty Blender. I sometimes use it damp (as directed) and sometimes dry, but no matter what, it’s always my best friend for blending my face products and making them look natural.

I don’t wash my Beauty Blender as often as I should, and for someone with acne, that is pretty much an unforgivable sin. I know better, but I don’t think about it until it’s too late! I realized that I should probably be replacing my Beauty Blender more often – perhaps once a month or every other month. But these little babies are not cheap when you’re replacing them often!

I saw another beauty blogger mention a possible Beauty Blender dupe that they found on Amazon. It turned out that their find was NOT a dupe, but I found another beauty sponge that had pretty great reviews. Many, many reviewers on Amazon were saying it was a great Beauty Blender dupe. It was $7.95, so I took a chance and bought it.

Is this Lamora beauty sponge I found on Amazon a beauty blender dupe

The potential dupe was a black sponge from a brand called Lamora. It claimed to be cruelty-free, odor-free, latex-free, long-lasting and non-allergenic. When comparing it to the Beauty Blender, I can see that it’s slightly larger (especially when wet) but otherwise looks pretty similar. When you feel them with your hands, they don’t feel very different, so I was excited to put the Lamora sponge to the test.

I applied my go-to Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation with the potential Beauty Blender dupe on one side of my face, and with the real Beauty Blender on the other. To my dismay, I found the black Lamora sponge was nowhere near as soft and spongy when pressed against my face. I was able to use it, but it did not have the same feel as the Beauty Blender. It was much harder to stipple or tap the makeup into my skin. It was more suited for buffing. I prefer to do both so I can get the best coverage, and I didn’t feel like I could do that with the Lamora.

So $7.95 down the drain, but at least I could review it for you guys, so you don’t make the same mistake. I hope there really is a Beauty Blender dupe out there somewhere, because my wallet could use a break. But hey – for now, let’s all just stop to appreciate that there is a magical makeup applicator out there that works REALLY well, even if it costs a bit more!

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