Top 10 Places I’m Planning to Visit in Edinburgh

Top Things I'm Planning to Do in Edinburgh for my Wedding Trip by Travel Blogger My Beauty Bunny

Top 10 Places I’m Planning to Visit in Edinburgh

Gregg and I cannot wait for our wedding in Edinburgh, Scotland next month! Although Edinburgh is a smaller city compared to some of the other capitals in Europe, there are no shortage of things for us to do while we’re there. Some people want warm, beach-y locales for their weddings, but Gregg and I love city views, cold weather, creepy history, gothic architecture, and beautiful lochs and vistas, so I know we’ll have a blast. Since we’re getting ready for our trip to Edinburgh, we’ve done our research and these are some places we’re going to check out! I’m also beyond excited that my blogging BFF, Courtney of, and her husband Ray will be joining us!! 

1 – Arthur’s Seat. Found in Holyrood Park, this hill – remnants of an ancient volcano – offers a spectacular view of the city below if we’re lucky enough to climb it on a clear day. You climb nearly 1,000 feet as you hike to the top, so I will be prepared with comfortable shoes, a comfy parka, and plenty of water.

2 – The Royal Mile. You can’t visit Edinburgh without experiencing the Royal Mile. This street cuts through the center of Old Town and is lined with historic buildings that will make you feel like you’ve been transported back in time. Pick up a few souvenirs and keep your eyes peeled for street performers while you’re there. We’re going to be staying in this area – at a couple of different hotels during our stay. We’ll be taking a Rabbie’s Edinburgh City Tour while we’re there to get a lay of the land and check off all the must-see spots!

3 – Calton Hill. We are going to have a pre-wedding photo shoot (since we never did an engagement shoot), and I think Calton Hill will be perfect. It’s beautiful, has a great view of the city and the castle, and has a great old unfinished monument from the 1800s – perfect for photos! I expect it will be packed with tourists, but maybe not since we’re going in the off-season!

4 – Whiskey and Dinner! Fans of whisky might appreciate a visit to the Whiski Rooms. They serve up traditional Scottish cuisine and offer one of the most impressive selections of whisky found anywhere. We actually tried to have our rehearsal dinner here the night before the wedding, but unfortunately they couldn’t accommodate all 26 of us at peak dinnertime. Instead, we’re going to try Twenty Princes Street, which looks like it has an amazing view and menu, and can accommodate Gregg’s parents and a few guests who are vegan. 

5 – Princes Street. Speaking of Princes Street…this street is one of the most well-known in the city, and it’s home to some of the best shopping in the area. We’ll enjoy views of the nearby Edinburgh Castle as we pick up a few new pieces and fun souvenirs.

6 – Edinburgh Castle. There’s a serious castle-shortage in Los Angeles, so we’re excited to visit all the castles! If you’ve dreamed of visiting a castle, this is a great way to check an item off of your bucket list! We are going to take a guided tour of Edinburgh Castle (included in the price of admission), but you can also explore the castle and grounds on your own.

7 – Camera Obscura. This mind-boggling museum is a surprising find in Old Town, but it sounds like a fun way to enjoy a rainy afternoon indoors. Home to amazing illusions and bewildering special effects, this is a great spot for my sister’s kids to check out. 

8 – Creepy Stuff. There are lots of creepy tours that tell you all about the (often gruesome) Edinburgh history, and since we’re going in October, it’s even more perfect. I found lots of interesting tours – some underground and in closes (alleys). We’re definitely doing this Vintage Bus Ghost Bus Tour (I mean – look at that bus!) with my family and friends. And we’ll probably find others to do when we get there. Surgeons’ Hall Museum also looks totally creepy and weird, and I think my sister (who is an MD) may appreciate it.

9 – Bars and Pubs. When it’s time to sit down and relax with a drink (I don’t drink often, but most of my crew does!), we have lots of options: The Banshee LabyrinthBrambleFrankenstein Pub, and many more. Got any other suggestions for me?

10 – The Highlands. We don’t have a lot of time, but we definitely want to get out of the city and have a look around, so we’re taking a Rabbie’s Tour to Loch Ness, Glencoe and the Highlands. It’s a day trip, and only a handful of my guests are joining, but I’m sure we’ll see some AMAZING sights while we’re out there, and maybe meet Nessie the Loch Ness Monster (hope she’s friendly!). And we’ll probably see some of those adorable, fuzzy highland cows!

And of course, we’ll wind up at Dalhousie Castle (about 10 miles away – south of Edinburgh) for our wedding ceremony. And then on to our honeymoon in London. Stay tuned for lots of pics! I’ve already got my Instagram friendly spots in Edinburgh and London picked out of course – LOL!

We’re so excited for our trip! Which places would you absolutely include on your trip to Edinburgh? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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