Urban Decay Lo Fi Lip Mousse Swatches

Urban Decay Lo Fi Lip Mousse ReviewUrban Decay Lo Fi Lip Mousse Review and Swatches

The new Urban Decay Lo Fi Lip Mousse is definitely something that should be on your radar. It’s a product unlike anything I’ve tried, and that’s saying a lot! These lip mousses come in little pots with mirrors that you can throw into your purse.

Urban Decay Lo Fi Lip Mousse Review and Swatches

At first glance, you might be thinking these are lip balms. Oh no my friend! These are little jars of velvety lip stains. They are not drying like a liquid lipstick, but they aren’t really hydrating like a balm either. So they have some pretty impressive staying power like a stain (and they’re waterproof), and they give you that just-ate-a-popsicle look like a tinted lip balm, but they don’t kiss-off easily and they are very pigmented (would you expect anything less from Urban Decay?).

Urban Decay Lo Fi Lip Mousse Boom - Swatched with Finger

You can apply them easily with your fingertip, and they go on easily without bleeding into lines. You do get sort of a smoky, blurred out look at the edges, which I think is nice. I think the world of precise, engineered makeup is slowly going out of style, and I’m all about it. But my perfectionistas, don’t rule this product out. There’s actually a (quite genius) pop-out applicator (a narrow eyeshadow sponge type) that I will admit I didn’t realize was there until just now! I tried it and you can definitely get a more precise application with it.

When you put the lip mousse on, it feels like velvet – almost weightless. And when you’re wearing it, it feels like nothing – you’ll forget you’re even wearing it! It’s also buildable, so you can do a very sheer wash of color, or add more for a more extreme look.

Urban Decay Lo Fi Lip Mousse Swatches

Shades (L-R starting at top):

  • Frequency
  • Amplify
  • Halo
  • Noise
  • Echo
  • Wavelength
  • Boom
  • Fade

What do you think? Will you be picking one (or more – they can also be layered) of the Urban Decay Lo Fi Lip Mousse colors up? I’m pretty impressed and I hope they keep these around, and come out with more shades!

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