7 Adult and Couples Things to Do in San Diego

San Diego Skyline Sunset

7 Adult and Couples Things to Do in San Diego

When it’s time to take a break from work, Gregg and I typically don’t want to go to places teeming with little ones having meltdowns or crowded theme parks with long lines. San Diego is the perfect location to decompress. From the miles of beautiful beaches, endless sunshine and entertainment galore, you’re sure to find plenty to do whether it’s daytime fun or nightlife adventures. Check out our seven ideas for fun things for adults and couples to do in San Diego.

7 Adult and Couples Things to Do in San Diego - Gaslamp District

1. Gaslamp Quarter

Gaslamp Quarter is a 16 block district that used to be home to brothels and gambling halls in the 1800s. But now, it’s a popular area for shopping, dining, art galleries, bars and live music. Restaurants offer food from different parts of the world like India and Italy. The town is on the waterfront so, of course, seafood is on many menus as well. The art galleries feature works from both local artists as well as world famous artists. Shopping is a mix of both branded stores and small, local boutiques and shops. Live music from every genre can be heard in the many music venues. Salsa, blues, jazz and Irish music are just some of the sounds you’ll hear. If you enjoy tours, you can choose from historic tours, Segway tours, fashion tours, beer tours, and food tours. Whether you decide to stay at a hotel in the Gaslamp District or just visit for the day, you’ll enjoy the sights and sounds of this district that blends the past with the present.

7 Adult and Couples Things to Do in San Diego - comedy show

2. National Comedy Theatre

The National Comedy Theatre has been running for over 20 years nationwide. The San Diego show is improv and the performers do a series of skits and games that are all based off of audience suggestions. The shows are clean and topics are general so they appeal to most audiences. There is however, an unrated show every Friday that offers more adult topics and is suitable for those 16 and up. If you were a fan of the show, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, then you’ll enjoy this setup of stadium seating with a lively host. There is a concession stand available that offers snacks and drinks, including beer.

7 Adult and Couples Things to Do in San Diego - camp out on the beach

3. Camp at San Elijo State Beach

Located in San Diego’s North County, San Elijo State Beach is buzzing with families during the day but crowds taper away around sunset. If you want to camp at San Elijo you can bring your own RV or rent one from a handful of approved vendors. They will provide delivery and set up of the RV at one of the 157 campground sites, that includes RV, camper/trailers, tent, handicap accessible and general sites. Many sites have direct views of the Pacific Ocean. The coolest part is that wood-burning fires are permitted on the beach, as long as they are in an established fire ring. Campfires aren’t limited to certain hours so you can roast marshmallows, listen to the lapping waves or have a nighttime beach party well into the night.

7 Adult and Couples Things to Do in San Diego - craft beer tasting

4. 30th Street Breweries

San Diego has made its mark for incredible craft beer. There are many breweries dotted all over the city but for a one stop shop the 30th Street breweries are an easy choice. 30th Street runs right through three neighborhoods, North Park, South Park and Normal Heights. For a bit of nightlife and since parking can be hectic in this area, take an Uber and do a brewery crawl. The strip makes for an easy walk to stop and try some fantastic tasting rooms and breweries. There is also public transportation via city bus #2 that runs 30th Street’s entirety. Day passes are less than $10. A few favorite stops are: San Diego Brewing Co, Barn Brewing, Second Chance Beer Lounge and Waypoint Public. Stay safe and have fun!

5. Whale Watching

7 Adult and Couples Things to Do in San Diego - whale watching

Newport Beach is located just north of San Diego and whale watching boat tours are offered year round by companies like Newport Landing. A large marine protected sanctuary provides opportunities to see whales and dolphins all on the same cruise. The cruise lasts about two to two and a half hours. Winter and Spring visitors will see the annual Gray Whale migration, which is the trek thousands of whales make from Alaska to the warm waters of Mexico for breeding. Summer and Fall guests will see the largest mammal on the planet, the Blue Whale. At various times of the year you will also see, Bottlenose Dolphins, Common Dolphins, Harbor Seals and California Lions. The galley sells snacks and drinks and there is plenty of room indoors to sit and gaze out the large windows.

7 Adult and Couples Things to Do in San Diego - Sunny Jim Sea Cave

6.  The Cave Store

This wood- shingled store in La Jolla, sells typical items that you would find at a beach store: towels, snorkel gear, shells, postcards and knick knacks. You’ll find unique, handmade jewelry, paintings, snacks and bottled drinks. For $5 you can also descended 145 steps into a tunnel that will take you to Sunny Jim Sea Cave. The Cave Store has the only entrance to a sea cave, in all of California, that can be accessed via land. All others are accessed by water. The tunnel is narrow  but the cave walls are colorful because of the natural minerals within them. This tunnel was man made and named by L. Frank Baum, writer of the Wizard of Oz. The cave has been open since 1903, back before there were stairs and guests had to be lowered in via rope! The sea cave also has a rich history, with stories of bootleggers using the dark tunnel for smuggling whiskey to having a spot in multiple movies. For $5 dollars this is a fun daytime activity that will leave you with a story to tell and money in your pocket.

7 Adult and Couples Things to Do in San Diego - surf lessons

7. Adult Weekend Surf Retreat

Okay this one is not something I would do, but I’m including it because I know a lot of you are more athletic and outdoorsy than I am! San Diego has 70 miles of ocean coastline so it’s no wonder that this place boosts a large surfing community. If you’d like to get out and catch some waves but aren’t quite up to the challenge on your own, San Diego Surf School has you covered. The school offers year-round sessions and guests can choose from 2 day weekend sessions, 3 day sessions and 5 day sessions. Each session will cover surfing basics, wave selection, surf etiquette and ocean safety and awareness. Choose from beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Classes are kept small, with 3:1 surfer to instructor ratios for safety and you must be at least 18 to participate. Surfboard, wetsuit, t-shirt, water and a yoga mat are included in the price.

Let us know if these picks made your bucket list or tell us about your trip if you were lucky enough to have experienced these places and activities yourself!

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